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This sounds like something one of my conservative mid-60s uncles would send around, along with a few Fox News articles.

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The first moonwalk took place forty five years ago and www.washingtonspectacle.com thinks it's a perfect time to reflect on where America was four decades ago, and where it is now.

When the moon landing took place all those years ago, America was in the midst of the biggest upheaval since the Civil War–an unpopular war in Vietnam was raging, the struggle for civil rights was marred by assassinations of major black and white leaders, and the nation was on the verge of its own civil destruction.

In the midst of all that, Neil Armstrong focused the attention of the nation and the world on what seemed to be the most important moment in the life of our country. And for that moment, we forgot about the strife that was threatening to undermine and destroy everything we had fought for all those years.

Today, we find ourselves similarly separated by internal and political strife. Our divided nation yearns for that one moment when we can all set aside our differences and look to a common future. Where is that moment?

Increasingly, we look away from Washington D.C. for solutions to our problems. Politicians have disappointed us one time too often and we are unable any longer take their promises of a rosy future with any seriousness.

Years ago when Richard Nixon was running for president, a desperate citizen held up a placard, begging the presidential candidate to help the nation in its hour of challenge. "Bring us together," the placard implored. We know what followed. If the political parties of this country intend to regain any of their viability, they'd best remember that placard and what it meant–and could mean–for the good of this country.

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