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LOLZ: Gamergate's angry tweeting raises money for Feminist Frequency

In a post on her blog the other day, [Anne] Wheaton detailed her time at Calgary Expo and included one paragraph relating to the Gamergate/Honey Badger situation we previously reported on:

As much as I enjoyed meeting and seeing all of these wonderful people, I also know there can be people out there who look for opportunities to try to be hurtful and harmful to people who just want to enjoy a convention experience. I know this happened at Calgary Expo this weekend, and the staff and local authorities handled the situation immediately. It’s an unfortunate world we live in where angry and unhappy people try to find ways to take the joy out of life for someone else, but it was obvious by the thousands of people at this convention that it wasn’t going to affect their enjoyment of the weekend.

Apparently some people did not like what she had to say and she started receiving nasty messages on Twitter. Here’s what she decided to do.


All they would have to do to not indirectly donate to causes they hate is to shut up and stop harrassing the Anne. But they must have their opinions on a woman known! Douchebags.

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