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London, London, London

I couldn't think of any picture to put up on this post, because it's all too sad.

I'm quite sure that by now everybody (except the Jez main page) knows there was 'lone wolf' terrorist attack in London yesterday.

I am so proud of the londoners who tried to help and engaged with the attackers yesterday, proud of the police who took down the 2 men without killing them.


What is saddening is how this has descended into an Us and Them discussion in the media. Revenge attacks are taking place across London already, attempts to burn down mosques and attacks against muslim people.

At the end of the day these people were born in London and are british citizens the fact that one is of nigerian descent should only be relevant with regards to a terrorist organisation. Bearing in mind he was raised in a nigerian christian household, lets stop making it about race.

The headlines shouldn't read 'convert of nigerian descent' these were evil people who did something evil and disgusting. We should face the fact that this man was not an 'other' he was what we could consider one of us, born here, grew up here and lived our way of life. He was not just 'British born' he is British. Something happened that took him down a dark path, we shouldn't blame that on the colour of his skin. Lets not focus on that. Rather than encouraging damaging rhetoric we need to build bridges in our communities.

Lets not feed the race trolls that are the EDL but rather come together as a proud multicultural city.

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