So my boyfriend and I broke up and I'm so sad we couldn't make it. During my entire approximately 20 year dating history, there have only been two men that I loved, and he is one of them. But he's poor, I'm poor and neither of us can afford to travel to where the other person is.

I almost wish he could have been an asshole so that walking away would be easier. But he's not. So I can't use anger to mask the hurt. I wanted to prove everyone wrong. That we would be different and could make it work. But he didn't know how to fight and I am too tired fighting my own battles to fight this one alone.

So know I'm thrust into the dating pool, a few years older, a few pounds heavier, and a few more parts that jiggle. To become prey for the scant few men in my age group that don't come with a ton of baggage AND find me attractive. But besides some good new dick, what I want most of all is for us to be in the same city, together. He was my partner and immigration problems tore us apart.