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Long Distance Kissing

Hello, Groupthink! I'll be your Mommet for the evening, and I could use some outside perspective.

I've been on tons of dates and slept with tons of people casually since my divorce was finalized 6 years ago. In that time I've only really dated three guys more than three times, and none of them for more than a few months. I just haven't met that many people that I have a mental, emotional, and physical connection with. One or two, but rarely three.

So here's the thing. I went to a convention last month and met this guy. Smart, hilarious, kind to his friends and to strangers, we both like role playing games, matching politics, friends in common. He connected with me on FaceBook after the convention and we've had a few phone dates. I like him. But he lives about 900 miles away. He's seriously thinking about moving to my city (regardless of where our relationship might go), but in any case, I'm not likely to see him in the flesh for three months. We have never kissed, touched, etc. We were only in the same room for four hours and most of the time was spent on the game we were playing. What I'm getting at here is: What if I invest all of this time and energy in getting to know and like him (and he seems very worth liking), and then there is no physical chemistry? What if he's an awful kisser? I almost feel like if he were a bad lay that would be something that we could work on together, but I'm really hung up on the kissing thing. Of course there are a hundred other things that could go wrong and we might not even like each other in three months, but this is what I'm obsessing over.


Have you ever worked someone through bad kissing and brought them around to the light? Have you ever had a long distance relationship with someone that worked out?

Also: This is my first post so I apologize if I'm doing this wrong. I'm a noob!

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