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Long-form narratives I'd like to share

Raising the Dead by Tim Zimmermann for Outside Online (2005)

What Does It Mean To Die? by Rachel Aviv for The New Yorker (new)


These are fascinating but pretty intense articles. It seems that since the election, either I have not paid as much attention to brilliant long-form pieces like these, or due to the exhaustive news cycle these articles are not produced as much. I noticed this with Jezebel. The site used to regularly publish really thoughtful long-form pieces. Some of my favorite were/are their historical ones, and just funny or thoughtful articles in general, which I also (understandably) see a lot less of. What happened to Pictorial’s Summer Boinkbuster series? They stopped writing them after Lace in June, which was a shame because I was so looking forward to it!

Anyway, what are your old long-form favorites—both from Jez and elsewhere?

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