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Reading the Main Page article about the woman with long hair has inspired more eyerolls than I thought would be inspired. Mainly, all the people chiming in with how they find super long hair gross need to stop. While the subject's lawsuit may be a bit bogus, talking about how long hair is gross adds nothing to the situation except judgement. You'd think in this day where fashion has gone all over the place that having very long hair would be considered the tamest of personal expression.

there is still so much of a cultural obsession with very long hair that it's disingenuous to suddenly proclaim that butt-length hair is too much when five inches below that length is considered "aspirational". Really long hair can be put into a lot of interesting styles and takes a lot of work, which takes it into the realm of a hobby. Perhaps it's because I'm trying to grow my hair past my shoulders, but I can totally understanding being upset over a hair product leading to a major setback. I wouldn't sue the company that made the product, but I would definitely think about it for a hot second. There are people who take their hair growth very seriously, and they should at least know they risk ruining their hair when they use a certain product.


But back to the subject at hand: people think super-long hair is gross/unattractive/whatever. It really shouldn't matter that people have this opinion.It's not their hair.As long as people aren't being a jerk about an aspect of their physical appearance, they should be free to express that aspect of their physical appearance. The only problem, then, is that a person's hair length doesn't fit in with another person's personal aesthetics for long hair, and that's not much of a problem for the other person.

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