(ETA: Need Long Island activity suggestions!) Bright and early tomorrow, I will be en route to a big old family wedding on Long Island (my family isn't from anywhere close to there, but that's where the relative getting married lives now). It's a super quick turnaround (Fri-Sun) with a lot of airplane time because I live so far away, but all the same, should be a fun trip. Anybody got recommendations for things to do with ~3 free hours on Long Island on a Sunday?

Also, in light of the prom dress thread I posted a while ago, I feel obliged to share that that one good prom dress I mentioned, the one that isn't prom-dress-y and that my mom loves, is actually what I'm wearing to this wedding. I wore it a couple years ago for a wedding on the other side of the family so I figure I can get away with it one more time!