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Long Lasting Civilizations May Be Pipe Dream

Interesting article on why civilizations cannot as the norm survive long one reason why we got no answer from SETI.

The idea is that as soon as we reach the technological point that is essentially the beginning of the end.

It makes sense. Also two factors to take into account is society and population. Society as we have seen often gets split, religion a major factor. Also population the further advanced we become the longer we live the lower the death rate for infants. Also with technology the more automation the less you need workers.


The population still needs food, clothing, shelter. Our society is woefully unprepared for this and its happening now. Yet folks believe old jobs in manufacturing is returning ie MAGA movement.

We need lower number of children but religion and their ignorant followers are doing the reverse. By denying the women the right to chose the affect is increasing the population which is already too large.

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