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Hey, while I was home in Ohio I was given part of my grandfather’s collection of the little Red Rose tea figurines. I’d like to add to it. Does anybody here drink Red Rose tea? The Canadian Red Rose is owned by a different parent company than the American and they no longer do the figurines in the boxes (even though Canada started that...). If anybody here drinks RR but doesn’t keep the figures I’d be willing to pay shipping and $1-2 per/figure depending on what you have and the condition it is in.

And as for an update. I’m back home now. Spent 2.5 months in Ohio helping take care of my mom and visiting family. She’s no longer on at-home hospice care but she was in and out of the hospital three times while I was there and things can change fast. But I had to come home. And now my grandfather is in the hospital with possible lung cancer. He gets a biopsy tomorrow. So, ya know, life’s a bitch. Honestly, I think my new interest in collecting the little figures is at least partly a subconscious attempt to distract myself from all this other shit.

ETA: It just dawned on me that posting this request with this particular update might come across as like, manipulative sob story. Seriously didn’t mean to do that! Just didn’t want to post multiple posts one right after the other. And didn’t want to post about the little promo figurines and not update anybody on what ended up happening with my mom.

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