My company is currently in open enrollment for long-term care insurance. They’re waiving health screenings and medical history scans, determining cost purely on age and locking in the rate for the life of the insurance, which would be a pretty good deal for me since I’m only in my early 40s but have a history of health problems.

I live alone, and I don’t have family anywhere nearby, so finding myself in a situation where I need care is definitely a concern. On the other hand, what I can find about the subject online suggests waiting until your 50s, since most people don’t need long-term care until they’re fairly old and signing up too early means you could be paying a not-insignificant premium for 3 or 4 decades before you get any use out of it.

I have an appointment to talk to someone from the company today, but obviously he’s going to come down on the side of, “Yes, of course you need this. Sign up now!” So unbiased thoughts/opinions would be very welcome.