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Long Term Health Issue You Fear After Cancer

I figure Cancer is absolutely everyones biggest fear.

After Cancer for me comes diabetes. Not many relatives with it one had type 1, the one you are born with. He died in his early 40s after losing more toes then a drug overdose. Another died in her 70s in a wheelchair the doctor had talked about amputating below a knee, she refused. Though both believed they could eat what they wanted since they were on a needle.

Today my mother was talking to a cashier the cashier saud we got a good buy on a large appple pie for four dollars. My mother said there was another.


The cashier said she is prediabetic. Her parents and grandparents plus her sister has it. Also she said she beat her mother by 12 years. The cashier said she was 47 which meant her mother had it at 35.

I have seen reports diabetes is increasing with the young. Few health issues mean such a dramatic lifestyle change and constantly on razor edge if you lose a body part.

Alzheimers I fear it but I figure the worst it gets the less you are aware that you have it. This seems far more a nightmare for friends and family. Diabetes you are aware every day. Not sure how true that is with alzheimers.

What’s your worst long term health fear.

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