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Welcome To The Bitchery

What are your experiences with LTRs? When (if ever) did the initial spark fade, changing the dynamic of the relationship?

I am divorced, and in an LTR of 2.5 years. The bf and I have lived together for about a year, and while the initial hot sex excitement has faded a bit, I still have super intense in-love feelings that I thought would have abated by now. I didn't think I'd fall out of love, but I thought the intensity of the feelings would have lessened. But it hasn't. I like that our relationship is still so passionate, but I'm curious as to how long this will last. In my marriage, the exciting "sparkle" stage (yay undergrad communication classes) didn't make it past maybe a year and a half.


So fellow GTers, what have your LTRs been like?

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