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So thanks to having minimal family plans this long weekend (side benefit of having almost no living family), I got some time on my hands.

So I am making this Nordic Bread —


I did have to make a few accomodations - I used ground flaxseed and buckwheat flour (went to like 3 stores and didn’t find actual buckwheat so fuck it, also I already had ground flaxseed so good enough).

What happened is Friday I was putzing around at work and saw this CNN article like “Are you eating the Nordic Diet? Maybe you should be..” and then I googled Nordic food pyramid (by the way, this is WAY MORE INTUITIVE that the weird “myplate” thing the USDA does - https://www.researchgate.net/figure/The-Baltic-Sea-Diet-Pyramid-created-by-the-Finnish-Heart-Association-the-Finnish_fig1_258202738).

And then I was like hmm I wonder what Nordic bread looks like and here we are.

Anyhoo, the batter came together super easy. I let it sit out, covered, for like 9 hours, and now it’s in the oven. :)


Anything you want to talk/brag about that you’ve done this weekend?

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