Longtime Lurker Posts Out of Desperation

TW; family issues, anti-vaccination nutbags, long ass post.

I have had a couple major fallings-out with my mom over the past couple of months. I think I may need some outside opinions /advice as I'm clearly doing a terrible job with this myself.

I recently learned (through her FB posts, of course) that she is a rampant anti-vaxxer, 9/11 AND Sandy Hook "truther" of the worst kind (probably on her way to AIDS denialism). Needless to say, I was shocked and disgusted and ultimately called her out on her bullshit which led to her "disowning" me. I won't even get into my childhood and the resentment I carry around because that is a WHOLE 'NOTHER CAN OF NOPE WORMS. Anyway, we eventually made up via email because we are family and that's what you're supposed to do yada yada yada...

Well, it happened again. She made a post insinuating that vaccines cause autism. I couldn't let it go and posted a link to the autism science foundation hoping at least one person would see through the nonsense. I didn't say anything snarky or offensive, just a link. I was immediately blocked/removed from the conversation. My mom sent me a FB message telling me I had come "unglued on her again" and she removed me because she didn't want to "offend me." She made sure I couldn't respond via FB by blocking me so I had to text her. It went well at first, being civil and all. It quickly moved into usual territory of her claiming she has "research" that vaccines ruin our immune systems and kill children left and right and that I "don't know all the facts." She always resorts to essentially referring to me as a brainwashed sheeple who believes anything the government tells me (wtf?).

That convo ended and I wake up to some weird text from her about how she "hopes one day I can articulate why I'm so mad at her" - I have done this several times in the past (childhood stuff), she has th e-mails and could read them ANY TIME. It's like she can't accept this could possibly have anything to do with her crazy beliefs which is what we've been discussing at length DEAR GOD.


Soooo at this point my DONENESS level had reached peak nopeness and I told her what I think of all this crap. Harshly, but no name calling or anything like that. This was yesterday and I've received no response. I kinda hope I don't. What am I supposed to do with this information?? Am I really supposed to let her spread this shit like a plague just because she's my mom?? Luckily, we live in different states so we don't have to physically interact with each other. OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD. YOU. GUYS.

I apologize for any weird typos and formatting issues in advance..even my fingers are seething and my phone is not very cooperative.