Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Looing for a co-host

This is random and unorthodox, but I lost my co-host for my shows. And I need new ones!
I host net/radio programs, and doing them solo is no fun.

First info on me. The name is Dre. Radio personality, tech dork. been hosting shows for awhile, and have 2 youtube channels (one MOSTLY inactive, the other on haitus for summer break). I'm looking to re-host my shows this semester


Where: Long Beach, CA Area (BUT!, thru the amazing power of technology, anywhere as long as you have a skype or phone line)
When: Saturday Afternoons, possible Monday or Tuesday nights, starts in late august, ends mid december-ish. Once a week commitment really for an hour to 1.5 hrs.
What: Co-host of a show
Why: its fun!

I'm looking to host 2 shows.
show #1: (no real name, the name changes as time goes on, currently name TNAU [trophies, new achievements unlocked]).
Show deals with geek culture, gaming community, tv, comics, cosplay, cons, pretty much that material. I try to go to all conventions to hear what people have to say about it, etc. Can be sorta seen here: PGS

show #2: Lets talk about Shhh: The S word.
Show deals with sex topics including but not limited to: relationships, sexual orientation, porn, dating, sexual health and safety, the idea is to create an open and comfortable environment to talk to anyone about. New show I want to do, but its similar to an old show I used to do (before I was removed called Sex At The Beach

if you, or you know someone who might be interested, let me know. thanks

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