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breeders, we all have the same fucking baby books. So, reading through yours does not confer some sort of exceptional knowledge, okay? Please for the love of all that is unholy do not read your stupid books and think you're special for having this knowledge because we all have those books. Shut up, back off, and calm down.

I'm so, so sick of people acting like experts when they've done exactly what many others have done and just have the #1 Amazon bestseller, which is therefore NOT A SECRET BOOK.

Also, friends, if you have teensy teensy A cup boobs, great! We're all different shapes! But please do not assume that your manoeuvrable boobs are indicative of everyone. I have a few friends right now who are *tiny* who make massive generalizations about breastfeeding positions, techniques, garments, etc. and try to instruct others, including moi, on something that we're doing as well, just differently.


*not directed at GT

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