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I left the dogs home alone for a full day yesterday! And got no complaints about barking! They’re back in daycare today because I don’t want to push it too hard and overwhelm them, but I’m going to try to leave them home for the rest of the week, and then push it up to four days at home next week. I’m knocking desperately on wood, but I am really hopeful that things may be normalizing for the first time since the attack.

To celebrate, here are a few shots of Sophie being adorable with other dogs at daycare.


Here is Buster sleeping in a deeply ridiculous position (he actually sleeps like this all the time, but I’ve never managed a picture before because he always shifts as soon as I move).

And here he is with a tiny crippled purebred pug who spent a week at daycare. The poor thing is 3.5 lbs. full grown and the whole back of his body is so twisted that he can barely crawl, let alone walk. Buster was SO concerned about him — he spent the entire week gently playing with him and licking him through the bars, and when his owners came to pick him up Buster got very upset and tried to stop them from taking him away. It was the sweetest thing.


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