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Look At Me! Don't Look At Me!

So a post I made on groupthink made it to the main page. On one hand, I am super-excited and honored that people actually liked something I've written.On the other hand, I am incredibly shy and antisocial, so I tend to feel overwhelmed when people bring attention to me. I have so many conflicting needs: the need to have my voice heard and the need to be alone. It's kind of the introverts dilemma, especially if they have any strong conviction or large aspiration.


I, personally, aspire to be an author (meaning having published work). I don't necessarily want to write The Next Great American Novel, but for a while now I've aspired to write something that touches someone, anyone, in some way.It's the most I feel that I can contribute to the world.The thing about being a writer and being an author is that you can write as much as you like, but it takes a certain kind of exposure to get your work published.Some people could say that a lot of celebrities or even great artists are "attention whores", but the truth is that you need attention if you want to be remembered. When you're remembered, you don't just fade away like an afterthought. And when hasn't a person, faced with mortality, striven not to fade away?I think it's natural to want attention, but some people can handle attention better than others. For my personal aspirations, I would like to learn how to handle attention, so I love any small chance I get to face my fears.

Has anyone else experienced this? I really hope I'm not the only one.

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