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Hi, my name is Jennibeth-erpillar, and I have batshit nutso in-laws. Most of you don't know the crazy that I was subjected to for 7 months last year, but it was bad and I still have some residual PTSD (actual diagnosed from this experience PTSD, I am not just being silly) and I get horrible panic attacks when I think about what might happen when I'm back in Australia. I weighed the pros and cons, decided that Mr Caterpillar and I are actually once-in-a-lifetime, real, honest-to-goodness, over-the-moon in love, and so we made the decision to get married.

But his half-sister is bat-fucking-shit insane. She and her husband begged me to be a nanny for their kids. I figured it would be a good experience, so I said sure. I moved out there a year ago and there were all kinds of clues that this was a bad situation, but I ignored them, because I AM APPARENTLY STUPID AS FUCK. She was abusive. Not physically, but emotionally. She and her husband fought all the time, and would drag the kids into it. I wasn't allowed to complain about the kids or even joke about their behavior or problems. I wasn't allowed to suggest that they might benefit from therapy (she left her oldest in Australia when she moved to the US to be with her current husband). She would keep me up all night long screaming at me about what a horrible person I am and how she was so patient with me but I just shouldn't be around kids at all. If the kids had an accident, she would brush it off but later would tell people that I tried to kill them or that I ignored them. She would scream and yell at me about how I was stealing her family away, after she insisted that I date her brother because she wanted us to be "real sisters". She refused to go to family events that I also attended, because she said it was uncomfortable. She has some really, really bad mental issues and all kinds of major problems, but will not get any help. She told everyone in the family that her ex-husband abused her, and her mother has proof that he never did.


The best (worst?) part is that Mr Caterpillar's dad (her stepdad) refuses to believe anyone's side of the story but hers. EVERYONE else in the family is lying, except her. He finally lost it and started a huge fight on Facebook about how horrible everyone is (I did not get involved and while I'm proud of myself I'm also embarrassed because I didn't defend my best friend who is one of my SILs, and my other SIL who is a lovely person) and called us bitches and said that we're not really family, because we're just married to the boys.

SO. GT. MAKE ME FEEL BETTER. Tell me your insane in-law stories. Tell me all about your crazy families and your nutso MILs and SILs and BILs, and all the batshit insane shit they do.

(This post inspired by Lady Formerly of the Bananas, and Ivriniel, who is dealing with DRAMAZ!!! today.)

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