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Look! Look what I did! Look! Look!

You guiseeeee my little ears are back. I guess I have seen a bunch of people lately talking about unfucking their habitats, and maybe it's because it's a new year or a new semester or WHATEVER, but I cleaned the shit out of my shitty little graduate student apartment. And, more importantly, I culled about 2/3 of my clothes that were old/didn't fit/I don't wear and it feels so refreshing. So look! Look what I did!!

Here is my closet! I got boot things so my boots all stand up nicely! I used a hanging shoe thing to organize my purses! I have my sweaters and skirts and dresses hanging in here. Those shoe boxes have my bathing suits in them, and each of the "drawers" contains socks, panties, bras, stockings, lingerie, or workout socks. <hr>


Shoes all looking fly hanging on my closet door. <hr>

This is my other "closet." Summer shoes up on top in that tupperware. Nailpolish = organized. Belts in a jewelry organizer. Hair tools = organized. Work clothes on the bottom, jeans and tops on top. <hr>


Desk = organized. <hr>


Feeling good that these drawers are no longer overflowing. Got my cute little step stool so I can get up into my bed, my laundry, and of course what you can't see are the 4 tupperwares I have full of my old clothes. And a couple with my summer clothes. <hr>


Big plastic drawers hold extra towels and other linens, winter gloves/hats, and top drawer and misc. medicines, bandaids, etc. All my make-up organized in those plastic drawers. Lipsticks in one shoe box, pills and vitamins in the other. Dresser has hair products in one drawer, sunglasses and headbands in another, and bigger purses/bags in the bottom two. <hr>

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