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I do this thing where I don't buy stuff for myself for months only to spend plenty. Though its not like I broke the bank here. I bought this lot using my the money from returning the presents Asshole Brother got me. This last week I had spent resting an injured knee up and was beyond bored. So when I was feeling well enough we set out. These were bought at a drug store, a Big Lots, and a DAV Thrift store that is in another, more affluent town, a Sally's Beauty in the same town.


Finger Paints (Cerulean Seascape, Avant Gard Green, and Be A Pal-ette) were half off, and thanks to Professor Pink I discovered I really like this brand.

The Sephora (It's Bouquet With Me, and Blasted Opalescent Gold*) were bought at Big Lots. There was a bunch of Sephora there, but the they were largely too glittery or too cream** for my taste. There were some little bitty sets there like Spice Market, but I'm grouchy about mini polishes. But if and of those are to your taste, they'll probably have some at your local Big Lots.

As you can see, I have a problem with blue. (I also bought a TARDIS blue mug to paint like a TARDIS. Also I needed a new mug.) The first two (Styled Out and Denim Dash) were also bought at Big Lots.


Dad have given Mom a coupon for a heartburn medication (she suffers), so I wander while she looked for the exact right brand with exact right amount of pills. I want to note that I had promised myself that I wouldn't buy any more nail polish. And then I found there clearance section. Embellished Blues was my first discovery there.


(If I'd been thinking I would have arranged them according to where I got them rather than by color. I just thought they'd be easier to photograph if there were similar colors. The Confetti Dressed to The 9's I bought at Big Lots for $0.50.)

Scherer Cosmetics has gone out of business, which a pity given how fabulous their duochromes were.*** So there was a bunch of them on sale. I restrained myself and only picked up Corona, Galaxy, and Rustic Dream. I'm tempted to go back and pick up more, and then sell them for large markups like many are doing on ebay.


This one's a mix of places. All the eye shadows (Mossy Green, Seashore Frosts, Waves of White, and Gold Shimmer) I bought for $0.50 each at Big Lots. Revlon in Abstract Orange I bought there for $0.75, and it should go brilliantly with Rustic Dream. The pocketbac was from the DAV and was $0.50, and as a germaphob I couldn't pass that up. The purple and green mascaras were on clearance in Rite Aide for less than a dollar each.


(My sister is impressed at how quickly I went from scared of letting something near my eyeball to "That looks easy. I'll try that." And then, "Well, that was easy, but its expensive. Lets try something more traditional and cheaper." And then buying wild colors because that's what I do.)


At the DAV, I bought these earrings which will shortly be put on ear wraps as I can't wear piercings.

Not shown but bought:

A nice shirt.

A black fedora. Non douche-y as it's not a Trilby.

A good nail polish dryer.

Two bottles of Traveling Girls: New York. I had bought a little purse spray before, and its an amazing day fragrance. It's probably a knockoff of a Paris Hilton perfume, but it smells amazing.


I passed on a perfume because it smelled like rubbing alcohol. By the time I had left the store and was heading home it had mellowed to a nice apple-y smell. When I got home, I thought to look it up. Turns out I passed on DNKY Be Delious. It was $7. Even if I didn't like it, I could have sold it and made a hefty profit. Meanwhile, I buy a couple of bottles of knockoffs that best sell for $10. That's really just typically me.

*I had bought one previously for myself but then I needed a last minute present.

**I may be the only person in the world who have trouble applying cream polishes. I have no trouble with frosts, or metallic, but those plain colors are hard.


***Internet snuggles for whoever finds me a good dupe for Nucleus aka My Fav Polish Of All Time. Essie's For The Twill Of It doesn't count.

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