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Look what I shoved in my mouth-hole tonight...

This, my friends, is a casserole of poblano peppers, roasted red peppers, corn, black beans, creamy tomatillo sauce, and pepper-jack cheese, with crispy tortillas. It was tremendously good. While I did cook this dish myself, I can't take all the credit. This is a dish that was made from ingredients sent to me from a company called Meez Meals. Imma get a little advertorial on ya'll right now... This is an amazing company! Basically, you sign up for the service, and choose the dishes you want for dinner the upcoming week. They deliver a box to your home on Mondays, which includes all the ingredients you need for the dish, pre-measured, and ready to go. They also include a recipe card. This recipe calls for poblano peppers, so what you get is a little bag of poblano peppers already seeded and diced. Corn, black beans, and roasted red peppers? Already mixed for you. All the ingredients are raw, so you still have to cook it (and you can definitely ruin a dish if you're not careful), but it's great because I don't have to buy a whole can of black beans for one serving of casserole. See, I'm a single fella (in a relationship, but live alone), and cooking for one can be pretty shitty. You can't just buy one serving of black beans, so you make a huge casserole, and you end up eating it all week. This way I get a different meal every night! I love it so much! Also, it's vegetarian, and has a huge range/variety of foods, which is fantastic. For omnivores, though, they suggest an animal protein that would work well with the dish. If you live in the Chicago area, and hate grocery shopping/meal planning, check them out!


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