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I still need to make a post about how new guy and I got together along with more tidbits of the past season. However, this post will be about all of the things I look forward to doing with him or in general. Hopefully, this post will help me to shake off the blues that news has given me. Feel free to post your own adventures.

Pottercon will be in late march. I am looking forward to cosplay with butterbeer! It’s a 21+ event so it actually helped make me finally focus on getting a real government issued I.D. It will be so worth the MVA hassle I will either dress up as Ravenclaw schoolgirl or wear my marauders’ map dress.

Wizard World Con This will be in June and is a comic book and such event. The actress that plays Eleven will be there! So excited I love Stranger Things


Wonder Woman movie being released also in June

In the autumn, National Book Fest and Walker Stalker conventions!

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