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Looking Back

What's your farthest back memory?

I must have been around 2 years old, maybe 3. My Dad, and my Uncle J were getting toasted on the couch behind me. I was standing in front of the T.V, not only watching, but singing and gesturing to Pink Floyd's The Wall. I remember my great grandma coming in and yelling at my Dad saying babies shouldn't be watching this movie.


I still love this movie. Whenever it came on VH1 or Fuse my Dad and I would watch it together. Even last Christmas when I was back, it came on and we watched it all the way through. The whole reason I ever started drawing was because of this movie. For a 6th grade art project I drew the fascist marching hammers. My art teacher loved it and had me hang it in the hallway, when the principal saw it he was pissed and called my parents.

It was just a huge influence on me, and I love that it's something my Dad and I bonded over.

What about you?

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