So friends of ours just had their first child last week, and we're going to see them on Saturday. We've indicated that we'd like to bring them a casserole or something, and asked what they might like. They responded lasagna.

So now I'm on the hunt for a recipe to use. I have made lasagna before, using various recipes, but I'm always game to try something a bit different. Of the couple we're making this for, the husband is somewhat adventurous, while the wife is a little picky, so it can't be too wild, but I'd like it to be a bit more special than something you might buy in the freezer at the grocery store.

I like this Veggie Lasagna from Cooking Light:…

If I was going to make it for these folks, I'd probably had ground beef to the sauce.

I also have this recipe for lasagna using turkey sausage. Looks nice, though nothing earth-shattering:…


Now this last one, I am in no way contemplating making. I just found this in one of my cookbooks and thought I would share it. It is insane:…

Neither my cookbook or the Food network website gives nutritional information on that recipe, but it has to be a heart attack in a pan.

Anybody have a readily shareable lasagna recipe? Or any thoughts on what makes a really good lasagna?