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I read a lot. But not as much as I used to, and some of that is reading slump. I tend to read in the genre end of things- sci fi, fantasy, romance and mysteries. I also read a bit of non-fiction. I don’t do horror.

I also have an audible subscription, and the credits are piling up. I listen to podcasts at work (99 percent invisible, this American life, pop culture happy hour and a couple others). At night I have been listening to discworld books. I also have access to a romance audio sub from audible, which is how I discovered I don’t like certain authors in audio (Jayne Ann krentz).

So, looking for recs on the audio book front and books in general.

I spent a chunk of January rereading and then finishing David weber’s Honor Harrington books. The beginning and ending books I flew through, the middle books are bogged down in some very American political takes (Americans really don’t like income support!) even though this takes place in other planets.


What are you reading, is it any good, would you recommend!

Edit/update Maybe I should have talked more about what I have read/have on my shelves. Terry pratchett is one of the few guaranteed buy in physical copy authors we buy. The only book of his I haven’t read is the last one (shepherds crown?) because I want to think there is still a discworld book I haven’t read. I do like Neil Gaiman but I find him a bit hit and miss- some books work, others don’t. Ditto (for very different reasons) Neal Stephenson. I devoured Anne McCaffery as a teen, not sure I want to revisit. I also glommed Piers Anthony and I definitely won’t be revisiting him. I read the first and last books in Dorothy dunnet’s series (both of them) but not the middle ones, due to library idiocy.  I enjoy Mary Stewart’s light mysteries, but rage at the book prices.

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