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On a local news story!

I live in New Orleans and everyone I know is currently in an uproar over a popular drinking spot here that is changing it's rules. It's a spot known as The Country Club - primarily popular among locals as it is a bar with a private swimming pool out back that you can pay to access. Most importantly here, this swimming pool is clothes optional (and let's just say not very many people choose the clothes option).

It is a very New Orleansy place - it started out predominantly as a gay bar, it's been around for forever, it's tucked away in a neighborhood tourists would never go to or know about, and it's cheap and fun and well, we're the kind of laid back place that isn't shy about showing our junk.


There is a long history of this being a place where scandalous things go down - a history of lewd behavior, theft, drugs, etc - and about 6 months ago, there was a well publicized case (the victim involved specifically asked her name to be released by the police and wanted as much attention brought to this as possible) of a woman who was allegedly drugged, and then raped repeatedly while on the premises. They have a no sex rule, but she didn't remember any of the day she spent there until she came back the next day to find out what happened and saw security video of herself having sex with three different men in three different locations in the grounds. Then of course, there was the usual run around with the police trying to get them to take her seriously, and trying to get them to gather evidence and make a case. (She also left with an unknown person and her car was also stolen).

As a result of this, and her publicizing this as an example of not-infrequent happenings there and pointing out the failings of the officials, the city brought pressure down on the bar/pool and threatened it's liquor license, at which point, the Country Club capitulated and made clothing at the pool required.

And everyone I know - even the very enlightenedy feminist types - is up in arms about this. I'm seeing tons of statuses bemoaning it and talking about how ridiculous it is and even doing the "Nudity isn't causing this, bad people are causing this" type arguments.

So I'm curious as to what you guys think, because it's hard to tell what is coming from people's bias, as a place they loved to go to and felt like was special, and what is a legitimate anger against penalizing or blaming nudity unfairly. It's also important to note that the club was very cooperative when she originally came to them for help with the issue, and that they do have security and I do know people who have gotten kicked out of there for indecent behavior - although public knowledge and their own cameras proved that there is certainly plenty that goes on.


Here are a few background articles about the rape and about the policy change:



So you tell me, GT - overzealous city officials shutting down beloved place because of stereotypes? Or one woman hero fighting against rape culture?

(I'm curious what the other NOLA Jezzies have to say too!)

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