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Looking for recs...

The offending fluffy butt. He’s a good doggo.

... for a robotic vacuum. Mr. Carbs PROMISED that if we got a golden retriever, he’d be in charge of vacuuming. He’d vacuum more than once a week. Boy oh boy was I bamboozled. Don’t get me wrong I love doggo but damn homeboy is fluffy af. And Mr. Carbs barely vacuums once a week. Bamboozled, I say.

I’m putting down my foot. I’m making him buy me a robotic vacuum. Anyone here have one? Know someone that does? Love it? Hate it? We don’t get paid again til late August but zero fucks given homeboy needs to step up and help his wife out.


We have hardwood and laminate on the first floor with one area rug that has those stringy things on the edges. And a furry dog that Does. Not. Stop. Shedding. We have wall to wall carpeting on the second floor.

Thanks in advance!

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