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Welcome To The Bitchery

Hello hive mind! I am currently in a clothing rut that I need to get out of and I’m looking for advice about shoes. I am a teacher in a special school where all the kids have severe/profound autism and behavioral issues, so I am on my feet- sometimes running and sometimes having to physically manage (lift, transport, hold) students- all day.

For the past few years, I have pretty much exclusively worn running shoes, yoga pants and t-shirts to work. I am trying to adult better (especially when I have to have an IEP meeting or whatever) and have gotten some different clothes, which I’m wearing, but I don’t know what shoes to wear. I need something nicer or more professional looking than sneakers, but I also need to not be in pain, be able to flat out run and have some traction on the tile flooring. In my previous life, I used to wear a lot of cheapo flats but I don’t think they’re enough support for my job. I’m reading about these Tiek flats but it seems like so much money for shoes!


Luckily I am a pretty easy size (8.5ish) but I am a fatty so I do sometimes need a wide depending on how the shoe is cut.

Here is a GIANT picture of my baby in thanks!

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