...I am really wanting to start experimenting with some new printing methods. I have been eying Mama's Sauce for some projects.

I am thinking, to start, that I might do my periodic table in gold foil on a black stock from French Paper, large format. Just because it's my best selling design, figured it's a good place to start.

I've also been sitting on a little grouping called "head in the clouds," animals sitting with clouds over their heads.

I am undecided on how to do them, though. I could start with just 4-color. But I thought it might be cool as 1-color screen printing or letterpress with the clouds in foil. Or, I could get them printed 4-color and then get the foil clouds applied. Or I could do them in 2-color screen printing or letterpress. Which do you guys think would look best?


I feel so out of touch with you all, but I think of you a lot. Seems like there's been a little bit of strife (sadz) and lots of new people (happyz).

Anyhoo, I miss you guys and hope everyone is doing well :-)