This summer my husband and I are heading to Cape Cod for a wedding. This will fall pretty close to our anniversary, so we are looking to make a mini vacation out of it. So we’ll go up a few days earlier and do… something…

This is the super, super early stages of planning so I’m just looking for a few ideas of things to do in Massachusetts. I’m thinking about getting a hotel in or around Boston and using that as an anchor point, especially if there’s enough to do there without a car for a couple of days. We’ll also have at least one entire free day in Cape Cod, possibly more. I don’t have a time frame at this point so something being “out of the way” might not necessarily be a deterrent.

Things we like: Wineries/Brewpubs/anything alcohol related. New food experiences of any kind. (I’d particularly like to find a good Portuguese restaurant to try.) Outdoorsy things like hiking/beaches/wildlife tours. I don’t mind aimlessly wandering around urban areas but boypanda likes to have clear objectives if he’s doing city stuff.

We like museums and historical stuff, but I know there’s so much of it that I’m hoping to get some suggestions for what’s particularly fun or different.

I think we’ll be taking the train (He has never been on a “real” train and wants to try it). So I’m also looking for some advice there if anyone has it… like if any of the Boston stations are notoriously difficult to get in and out of, or if one is particularly close to a nice hotel from which we can access the rest of the city that might be helpful to know.