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Looking for travel recs - japan!

But perhaps highly specific.

This year my husband and I, plus a friend of my husband’s, are going to japan. Yay!


This is not the first time. I lived there (Fukushima prefecture) for three years in the early 00s. My husband and I have averaged a trip a year there or so since 2010. Every third Christmas my husband and I go somewhere non- family ( the other two years are family based) and we have done the Japan thing because it is cheap and relatively easy. We do live in Australia, so the time difference/jet lag is minimal. Friend has been to japan with us before, for a week in Tokyo, in the summer. Hopefully this was enough to establish the idea that when I make predictions about Japanese weather and crowds I am correct, not my husband (yes this was perhaps a source of irritation)

We well be there three weeks, from the 20th December, hanging out in the Kyoto/Osaka area. Plans are:

Universal Studios Japan

Temple markets (Kyoto and Osaka)

Den den town- Osaka’s electronic town, a bit seedier than Akihabara and lots of retro game stores


Osaka museum of daily living

Sakai City traditional crafts museum (knives!)

Husband and friend are going to Hiroshima for a day and I will meet them in himeji the next day for Himeji castle (I have been to Hiroshima once and truly do not need to go again)


Temples in Kyoto

And other stuff.

Anyway, I have a day when I am in Osaka and my travel partners are not. I want to do things that are a bit girilier/ craftier since I have the time. Plus hit up spa world- friend has a tattoo that makes onsens difficult. My husband will generally craft shop enable me, but his taste is not mine and friend is less accommodating (which may make his life tougher, not mine)


Anyone have suggestions? Also, if you have japan travel queries, I probably have answers

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