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Looking to Buy a Multitool

Hello, Groupthink! How are all y'all doing this fine Sunday? I am thinking of taking the plunge and purchasing my first multitool, since I've realized that living on my own with very few tools is pretty inconvenient and nobody ever gave me tool sets or taught me much about how to use them as a child (PATRIARCHY!).*

So I think I'd like a multitool that I can either fit on my keychain or at least carry around in my (admittedly huge) purse without it being too heavy, but a lot of multitools take up space with stuff I don't want like nail clippers/files and tweezers. I already have all that stuff (plus I don't do carpentry and don't need to regularly pull out splinters). I also don't care about bottle openers—I don't drink beer. I have like six different kinds of pliers for crafting, as well as a bead crimper and wire cutters, so that's not essential either.

I think I want something that will be practical for the hands-on things I need to do while nannying, that I can safely fold up and stick in my purse afterwards so the kids won't get at it. The family I work for has good scissors there but a little pair in the tool would be handy, as would screwdrivers of multiple sizes. I also found one tool, the Gerber Artifact, that has an x-acto blade on it and I think that looks awesome. We do a lot of crafts on a daily basis and a hobby blade would be extremely useful, but it has to be foldable or retractable so I can carry it in my purse and keep it away from the children, so that's a plus for the Artifact.


I also don't think there's a wrench or a hammer anywhere in my apartment and my roommate and I could use those things, but they seem to not be the kinds of tools that are typically included on multitools (for obvious reasons for the hammer of course!), so I should probably just buy an adjustable wrench and a hammer and keep them at home. You see now why I need help sorting this stuff out? We have one screwdriver with two Philips and two flat bits at our place, and that's it! It's rather dire, really.

So, TL;DR: I want a small multitool with some of the following functions:

  1. X-acto/hobby knife (other knives, such as clamshell package opening, optional)
  2. Decent quality screwdrivers, both Philips and flat
  3. Scissors optional
  4. Wrench functionality would be cool, but only this seems to have it
  5. Not as expensive as the fancy stuff from Leatherman—I read on Lifehacker that it's everyone's favorite multitool but I'm a nanny and I don't make that much money

The Gerber Artifact appears to be the only one that includes a hobby knife. Is the Artifact worth it? Should I get that? Am I wrong in thinking pliers are unnecessary? Since I am mainly a crafter, is there some kind of hobbyist multitool I have overlooked somewhere? All advice is welcome! All crossposting to other forums where people might know the answers to my questions is also welcome!


Thanks so much!

*Side note: I actually used to be obsessed with my dad's Swiss army knife when I was little and I used to really want one and wished someone would teach me woodcarving and knot tying and stuff, but instead I did Girl Scouts and was taught how to make friendship bracelets and sit-upons. :/ As I got older it was still a really worthwhile thing for me because we used to talk about eating disorders, self-esteem, and other important topics, but still. Girl Scouts is an awesome experience for young girls IMO and I love all the stuff I've been seeing in the news about the wholehearted acceptance of LGBT+ youth, but a lot of the experience depends on where in the USA you are, and growing up in the South my experience was a lot less survival skills oriented than I would've wished. But now I'm a young adult so it's the perfect time to learn some more practical skills! :)


**Edited because due to a typo I originally started out with "Hell, Groupthink!" Which is really a lot more aggressive than what I intended!

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