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Looks like rehoming is needed

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  • For my mama pup, and it's had me in tears.

When our lil pup's momma was retired from the breeder 2 years ago we brought her home. She was untrained, but well behaved. Unfortunately- we let things ride because I was pregnant and working overtime and what not. Well, while she LOVES meeting people and is great with other animals she is terrified of my toddler.


I posted about this before. She has been on Prozac since November. I went back to basics with Her, but she's so anxious that all I've gotten so far is sit. She just gets worked up and tried to lick.

So- even with Her meds and trying to build her confidence she just isn't having it. Either hiding and shaking when they're in the same room (often when he's ignoring her) to actively nipping at him and growling when he doesn't recognize the warning signs -yawning, licking her lips, ears down, whites of eyes, showing teeth etc. Those signs luckily give me time to intervene and keep everyone safe, but she's obviously stressed. And poor lil guy doesn't get it and tried to hand her toys & whatnot. She's lost a lot of weight. She needed to lose weight, but I'm worried about her.


What makes it suck even more is that I actively volunteer with a rescue group for a larger breed- I'm supposed to find homes for dogs, not get rid of mine! But ~ I need to recognize that I'm doing what's best as our home environment is too much for her. She's six years old, her personality isn't going to change.

I have just started to reach out to a few people and going about it quietly as I want to make sure she goes to the best home possible. I don't wsntbto have to tell people no that say they'll take her because whoohoo free pure bred dog. Nope. So I've started the process and I'm going about it correctly, but it still hurts because I love that lil dummy.

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