Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Loooove is alllright tonight: Earworms and Musical Suggestions

This song, which I loved and adored as a girl, has been buzzing in my ear for DAYS. Rick Springfield was it among me and my little friends when I was 12. What’s your latest earworm, groupthinkers?


I noticed I don’t listen to much new music b/c I mostly listen to NPR in the radio and then my iPod.

Anything new to recommend? I like all sorts of things but more on the rock than the pop end or anything really funky. This is not funky but I was noodling around and also started listening to this album by Opeth which is a year old but I’m like “This is amazing.” I really need more metal in my life. That is also a big hole in my musical repetoire.

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