Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Loose Thoughts (alt. title: unfocused rambling)

Rattling around in my brain:

  • Scott Walker dropped out of the race because he thought it was going to be King Of the Assholes, and whats-his-hair has taken that title. Huge relief to me. Walker had more than a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the general election.
  • Everyone stop asking me if I am “ready” for my wedding. I am. I am ready to get married. Pretty much everything is lined up and done. By asking me that, people are making me artificially panic.
  • Watched Cycle 6 of Top Model while working yesterday. After watching the ones leading up to that, Danielle was maybe the clearest frontrunner I’d seen yet. Like, from the very first moment, she was all, BAM. And fuck you Tyra for telling her to get rid of her southern accent (and her tooth gap!). Even her weaker moments were not that week.
  • Speaking of models, are there any other shorter girls out there that always default to thinking tall people are older than them? It’s weird.
  • I’ve already been asked by two different people from work if they will be able to call my during my honeymoon. Should have told them yes definitely and then turned my phone off. I did manage to exude a look of horror so hopefully they feel appropriately stupid about that.
  • Ant bites don’t make me itch. Isn’t that weird?
  • If my Facebook feed is any indicator, Republicans might be getting bored of their electoral race. Is this good? Guess so.

Got any thoughts?

ETA: additional loose thought: Why do I make a feminist-y comment on Gawker? Why?!

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