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Loosie Goosie

I've had a cold so long that my RL filter isn't as high as it should be. I've probably been a little more commenty on here than I should be. I laughed at my own dumb jokes in class. I won't even mention and it was funny and not inappropriate but I've been a chatty cathy. I went to a meeting and gave a long soliloquy about academic access when it was completely wasn't the topic of the meeting. I've just generally given my opinion and my filter has been....a little off. It's my cold and it's the cold. IDK, you guys. Does this ever happen to you? One week of sickness and you decide to tell long stories about yourself to people at Panera, laughing all the time, as they sort of smile in that friendly way that people do when they want you to just go pick up your food?


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