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Lord help me I got into an argument with a hotep

There’s a guy on the Gawker article (I know, I know) going on about how Obama hasn’t done shit to help black people. Whatever. I disagree (TBH I think he’s failed latinx immigrants and DREAMers more) but I understand his opinion. However, he’s calling people who argue with him pussies. And then when someone said “your comments make me hungry for pussy” he replied “I think I’m gonna go look for some after this :)“.

So now I get into it. I tell him “ew, not cool.” and when he replies with confusion I elaborate that his comments are sexist and a slap in the face to the black women who fight for him and other black men every damn day and who built BLM. I told him that his comments were misogynoir and basically called him a hypocrite.


Now he’s accusing me of being an Obama/Hillary cultist. Dear lord.

I’m just tired as fuck. Black men, you are supposed to be my brothers, yet since I’ve moved to this city I’ve witnessed so much misogynoir it makes me sick. I get followed home maybe 5 times a year. I get grabbed maybe twice. I am “complimented” an average of 5 times a DAY- compliments that include moaning, hissing and threats of stalking or physical harm. And 99% of these come from black men. It’s betrayal and I’m tired of keeping quiet because I’m afraid of airing dirty laundry and ruining solidarity. I’ve even declined calling the police on assault twice because I felt so guilty about putting PoC in the system. But no more.


I’m not ruining solidarity, jackoffs. YOU are.

ETA: Whoop! There it is.


Double ETA: Lol, he’s accusing me of being a raggedy SJW Occupy hobbiest. I’m co-owner of a “SJW” theater company. I do this shit for a living, son.

And with that mic drop I have officially bowed out of convo with him. There’s nothing more to accomplish if he sees fighting misogynoir as a dumb distraction from the “real” movement.

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