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Los Angeles GTers: I need advice!

Soooo. I am going to be traveling to LA in May and for part of the trip we will be staying in hotel (downtown—whatever that means) that my bf's job is paying for and for the other part, I am looking at Airbnb. The problem is, since neither of us has ever been to LA, we don't really know the various neighborhoods. I can look at a map and be like, "Ah yes, HOLLYWOOD. I WILL BE A STAR" But it means very little to me in terms of like an actual location.

So far, I've been looking at places in:

  • Downtown LA (I know downtowns, downtowns usually have lots of stuff to do!)
  • Echo Park
  • Hollywood

Which of these places would be good for people who most likely plan on walking most places? Or attempt to ride some from of public transportation? Like say I stay in Echo Park, would getting to Hollywood (where I will be discovered and turned into a star) be a chore?


Also, obviously I am going to SUR (because I am both sexy and unique and love gimmick restaurants).


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