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Los Angeles + Southern California Jezzies: Meetup around book event at the Grove?

Hey everyone!

I remember that when Jezebel first announced that their book tour would be heading through LA there was a lot of activity on that post. The idea of a meetup (or something of that nature) was thrown around. I actually just looked at the Grove Barnes & Noble's event calendar and saw the event is happening at 7pm (on Wednesday, Nov. 6).


I know I will have to keep this on my calendar to ask my boss for an earlier shift that day, and figured other posters might need advanced planning, too. (Or maybe this is my serial planning syndrome rearing it's ugly head. Either or.)

Regardless, I know there are a few places around the Grove that might be conducive to pre or post-event meetups. Let's throw some ideas out and see if this can be "A Thing"!!


Here's what I could think of off the top of my head:

  • Short Order (burgers!) and Monsieur Marcel (French!) are located in the Farmer's Market — which is on the same property as the Grove — and have bars/alcohol options.
  • There's always Canters and the Kibbutz Room.

Aaaaand, that's where my knowledge of the Park La Brea area ends. Anywhere else I can think of would be a little out of the way, and I think minimizing driving from one location to another would be helpful. This is LA, after all.


EDIT: Here is a list of restaurants at the Grove. While the American Girl Cafe sounds rad, I think I lost privileges to go there without a kid when I turned 18 or something. If we go to a Grove restaurant, do we run the risk of overcrowding/tourist prices? I know there's also a good Mexican place in the Farmer's Market, too.

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