GTers, some thoughts and advice please?

One of my very best friends just found out that her mom's breast cancer has spread to her brain after an unsuccessful second round of chemo. This is probably the end.

For better or...well, I guess I'm fortunate to still have both my parents regardless of how damaged and frustrating those relationships are. I am pretty sure I will be a total mess when they die, in part because of all the unresolved feelings. My bestie has some unresolved issues with her parents too (don't we all) and I know those will add to the already heavy emotional burden.


But because I have never been through this I have no idea what it really feels like or how to support her. She is married so she's not going to be going through it totally alone, but her wife is vocally not a fan of her mother and also probably could use some back-up. I am their nearest neighbor and the person who's been tapped to take care of their daughter if the unthinkable were to happen; also they have been absolutely hands-down rock solid and in my corner over the last few years as I've dealt with career and financial upheaval and depression. I'd be lost without them and I really want to show my friend as much love as she's shown me. She's a very proper, WASP-y, self-contained type though so she doesn't really show emotion (rumor has it when she delivered her baby she didn't sweat or make a single peep).

Any of you who have been through the process of grieving for a parent have an idea of what I might be able do or say to help ease some of her pain in the coming days/weeks/months?