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Losing fur babies is hard.

I woke up this morning to some kids walking to school ringing frantically on my doorbell. One of my cats, the one with all of the personality and a bad habit of racking up vet bills, somehow got stuck under the garage door last night when Mr.Nerevar and I came home. I'm not sure how he managed this since Mr.Nerevar watched the garage door close (the cats like to run in or out of the garage at the last minute, because cats) and the cat never yowled or made any noises when the door closed. The little bastard apparently figured out how to dodge the door sensors, and the door broke his spine. He was never going to walk again, or feel his lower half again. So, within an hour of waking up this morning, I had to put my kitty down. If I ever own a cat with half his personality and assholery I'll be a lucky person. He was only 6, and while the husband and I were discussing last month (after the cat's latest $250 vet endeavor) that we knew the cat wasn't going to live to be a geriatric, we weren't really expecting an immediate thing.

Edit: Aww, thanks everyone. Y'all are wonderful people.


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