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Losing your health insurance because of Obamacare?

I heard a great report on NPR this evening regarding all these people losing their health coverage "because of" Obamacare. The ONLY people losing their insurance are those who purchased policies that do not meet the ACA guidelines. Additionally, of policies-holders who currently have these policies, only those who purchased the policies AFTER the ACA was passed are receiving cancellation notices. If someone purchased the policy prior to the passage of the ACA and the policy is still valid, they are keeping their policy until the expiration date.

So, instead of being angry at Obama, why not be angry at an insurance company that sold you the policy knowing that it did not meet the new guidelines, and would not be able to be renewed (people are getting the notices because the policies typically expire in January, which is when the ACA goes into full effect)? Anyone who has one these "skeletal" policies - called that because they don't cover much - will be able to go to the exchanges and get a new policy, which will give them more coverage, likely at a lower cost.


Seriously, politics can really cloud the judgement of some people...

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