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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Lost Girl

I watched the first season of Lost Girl when it was airing, but let's just say that certain pragmatic obstacles arose in the form of a terrible internet connection and the downfall of my favorite high-quality streaming site. (NOT THAT I'VE EVER STREAMED OR DONE ANYTHING ILLEGAL. it was my favorite site a priori because philosophy and also hulu.) I lost momentum in the second season, but, upon rewatching via the lovely, nostalgic netflix, I'm digging it. It's following the Buffy pattern of an okay first season with pretty excellent plot points and a strong S1 finale, and some truly enjoyable S2 stand-alones. Gotta say, the romantic plot of S2 of LG is looking a bit like that of the S2 Buffy twist, though I'm happy to see an homage/ nod done if it is done well and uniquely adapted to the characters, which I'd say it has been. Anyone make it up to the current season on this show? Does it just get better with aging seasons?


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