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I watched this today I got season one dvd weeks ago and decided to see this episode. It was based on my memory one if my favorites. Should have remained one.

The start. The Jupiter 2 was four minutes from coming too close to a comet.

John and Maureen Robinson were outside the ship. They were in space.

Major West told the couple to come in due to a comet.

During the four minutes

1. John said he had enough time to fix the sensor on top of ship.

2. John sloowly walked up the ship to fix it and slowly walked down.

3. John then could not open the door to go imside. He banged on it in slow motion.


4. West put on a space suit and went out the inside door to open outside door. He too banged on it.

5. Now next to the inside door was a fire extinguisher. Nope. West yelled to Dr Smith of all people to go downstairs to get the large fire extinguisher.


6. Smith went down. Not running.

7. Judy concerned about Smith taking so long. Well she went downstairs. Slowly going down the ladder.


8. Both Smith and Judy took the slow moving elevator back up.

I swear the fire extinguisher was the same size.

9. West blew the contents of the extinguisher on the door.

10. It opened. Then he saw John and Maureen passed out so he in slow motion grabbed John then Maureen into the middle of the doors.


Now you would think the ship would be dead by now or West has poor math skills for calculating time of impact.

Did West.immediately go to the console to get them away? Nope. He revived John then tried to revive Maureen. John had the good sense to tell West to start flying.


I had a lot of “oh give me a break moments”. Slow banging will not open a door. Also if the heat was high enough to jam the door shut that’s one poorly designed door for space. Why didn’t their suits melt then? Also do comets generate heat? Can a fire extinguisher really open stuck door?


The Derelict I admit still looks cool. There were alien worms. It was obvious they were pulled on sleds.


Also John why did you continue firing on sentient creatures? Smith fired first out of stupidity. Everyone was safe on

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board stop shootng.

So in late 1960s the writers believed we would have the ability to reach other stars but our communication system never advanced. We could create sentient robots but not laptops. Oh and no internet. Sentient robots for god sakes.

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