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Lost kitty. Trying to deal in a balanced way

Our youngest cat - she's 1 1/2 - went missing on Wednesday night and we haven't seen her since. We lost crucial time because we found an identical kitty and believed it was her until we found out otherwise at the vet on Saturday. I can't believe, and neither can my fiancé, that we thought she was ours and lost all that time.

I want to be both prepared and hopeful and that is hard to do. We've alerted the neighborhood with fliers and on the listserv and looked in our woods and nearby yards. Indoor cats (she only played outside sometimes) aren't likely to respond to being called but we've called for her and left food out. So, basically, we've done a lot, our immediate neighbors are great and would definitely let us know if they saw or heard anything.

I feel horribly guilty for not realizing she was outside that night. We also have a new cat as of mid-September and I know that was jarring for her. I'm hoping she shows up, and I comfort myself by remembering how tough and fast she is, but that might not be realistic.


TL;DR just looking for some support and Gters who've been through this, no matter what happened in the end.

ETA: the doppelgänger has been returned to her family, who seem like bad owners. Sad all around.

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