My sister's cat slipped his halter yesterday afternoon and ran away, about two blocks from where she lives. She's understandably fucking wrecked by this, and as of this morning there's been no sight of him. I went over yesterday to help look and to distribute flyers around the neighbourhood. He's been out in her backyard before, but never this far away from home. People with outdoor cats, do they tend to come back if they get a little lost? Is there hope here? He is micro-chipped, which is good, but thinking about him and my poor sister makes my heart hurt.

My own cat is a street stray rescue, and yesterday afternoon I was literally talking about how I often wonder where she came from and if her original owners lie awake at night wondering what happened to her and if she's okay.

Any stories of lost pets who found their way home would be really appreciated right now. We need a little hope. I feel really awful for my poor sister because this cat is a major part of her life, and she is going to blame herself forever if this doesn't have a happy ending.