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Food I can't eat, dunno what to do with

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Ok, so no making fun of me for crazy religious beliefs, but there's this thing about not being allowed to keep anything over Passover that has grain or a grain byproduct (like vinegar) in it unless you ritually sell it.


Of course I forgot to sell it and I've now got a mix of stuff that's sealed (two? boxes of whole grain macaroni), sealed but frozen (tortellini), unsealed but individually sealed (saltines), unsealed but expensivish (good vanilla, specialty sauces), and should've been thrown out years ago (ketchup and mustard, possibly flour). So, I dunno what to do with this stuff 'cause I'd be mortified to bring some of it to a food bank, but I'm not in love with the idea of trashing it.


UPDATED: Gave it away to friend who lives in my building. That was way easier than I expected!

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