Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Lots of new greys?

So this is SUPER inane, but has anyone else noticed that there appear to be a lot more greys around here than usual? (I’m pretty sure this isn’t in my head.)
I’m following as I see them (and checking their post history, ofc) and I’m sure other people are too, but there just seems to be tons. Like I would usually see a grey a week and I’ve seen a LOT of people who aren’t followed by GT yet since Thursday.

Is it because of the slowdown, or is it because people are totally disillusioned with GM and looking for something different but with the same commenters? Or is it because so many amazing people got banned, and they’ve migrated here?
(I’ve noticed that we’ve also gotten a lot of established Jezebel commenters over here who didn’t used to hang out here as much, which I’m glad about because I love you guys but I’m not so in love with Jezebel or any GM pages atm.)
Whatever it is I’m happy about it - maybe this is something good to come out of this whole clusterfuck (except for massive amounts of schadenfreude, that’s fun too). GT hasn’t been in danger of dying or anything, but new faces is fun. :)

Welcome all you lovely new people!


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